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International cooperation

The Kyiv University of Culture opens up to international competition through internationalization:
  • Introduction of joint university programs, double diplomas and degrees. An international diploma, recognized within the state and abroad. Continuation of studies of many university graduates abroad (master’s training programs at the world’s leading universities).
  • Availability of a system of international information and educational centers at the university.
    Increasing the network of contacts with foreign specialists in various fields and cooperation with them in the course of teaching and research exchange. Deepening international specialization and cooperation in the field of scientific research and development.
  • International partnership allows you to gain advantages in the international labor market. The university will be able to boast of educated and highly qualified graduates who will occupy high positions in state and foreign enterprises.
    In the course of all educational events. Provision of constant information about international scientific, educational and other programs that can be used by teachers and students of the university.
  • Participation in international programs, symposia, conferences and seminars together with representatives of other countries.
  • For participants, students and university employees, this is additional scientific growth. Communication with groups of international students.
  • Strengthening the integration potential in the country and the world. Modernization, strengthening the role of the university in the development of economic cooperation between the two countries. Increasing internal scientific and educational standards.

One of the important indicators of the university’s effective activity is the international integration of education. After all, the process of internationalization of education opens a higher educational institution to international competition. If the university aspires to be a leading university, it is included in the international environment with the help of academic exchanges, educational projects and training programs.

Kyiv University of Culture has agreements on partnership, cooperation and scientific exchanges with many leading higher education institutions and scientific institutions of EU countries: Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, France and England. These agreements provide an opportunity for students of the University of Culture to obtain higher education under the “Double Diploma” program. Graduates will simultaneously receive two diplomas: Ukrainian and European.

Student exchange programs are being introduced between Kyiv University of Culture and partner universities, joint conferences, seminars, and symposia. Students get access to the European base of scientific and scientific-methodical literature. Student internships are conducted on the basis of European partner universities, preparation and publication of joint scientific articles based on the results of joint research, etc. are also offered.

On the basis of the Kyiv University of Culture, the innovative “Ukrainian-Polish Center of Culture and Language” has opened, where intensive Polish language courses and the Ukrainian-Polish University are open, multi- and bilateral projects are also created and implemented.

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